And the beat goes on...

Crazy week, eh? I'm feeling sad, angry & apprehensive and yet I still have to run my business with the same intent and hope that I did prior to last Tuesday. 

I've always felt that I am a lucky guy. I get to work with the most creative people in the world, daily. The collaborative environment gives me such hope that regardless of political beliefs we, as artists, can find synergy to produce art that knows no bounds. Art is the equalizer. I don't ask my customers what their political affiliation is before I take on a job. All are welcome. Whether they are racist or sexist, while deplorable, it is not a deciding factor in whether I work a lot or a little to produce a finished piece. I am all in for everyone. I pride myself on being a full-on collaborative partner in every sense of the word. 

My customers expect, and will always receive, 100% of my attention when we work together. I like to say to folks that I won't "nickel & dime you to death". It's a phrase I grew up with and may or may not be a New York thing. But in its simplest form, I work till the job is done and the customer is satisfied. That is, I use my discretion as to what I charge you for and what I choose to include in the cost of the project. I believe it's one of those things that sets me apart from the others. As a businessman, my main concern is the relationship I develop and maintain with my customer. Indeed, I am in this business to make money but at the same time, I try to be fair and flexible. I know my margins. Discounts are applied on a job by job basis. Regular customers will benefit from their continued support. 

I consider what I do as "Bespoke". I realize that this word can be construed as a bit elitist but in fact, it is defined as "made to order". This is exactly how I run my business. Each job is personally attended to. Made to order as the customer requires. I provide a very customized service that is unique to each client yet based on the belief that all of my patrons, regardless of their level of expertise, talent or professionalism deserves only the best. The best materials, the best attitude and the best service. 

I love what I do and want you, my customer, to be satisfied enough with the results and the experience to return. 


Posted on November 14, 2016 and filed under Opinion.